Some Canine Favourites

It’s healthy and good for your dogs wellbeing to eat some human foods as treats however we must be careful what we feed our beloved canine companions.    A dogs digestive system works very different from ours and they metabolise foods differently to us.  A variety of food safe to humans can be toxic and potentially life threatening to dogs.

On the flip side, there are lots of healthy human foods out there that are perfectly safe and enjoyable as an occasional dog treat, snack or dinner time biscuit topping.

Listed below are a few tasty treats considerate to the tummy that tingle those doggy taste bids, let the drooling begin!

A Few Of Our Recommended Treats For Dogs

Not just for rabbits – the carrot

Can be offered both raw and cooked, carrots are a fantastic low calorie healthy canine snack option.  Super tasty and a great source of vitamin A and minerals.  Raw is great for your dog dental health too.

Not just for mice – Cheese

Dogs go nuts for cheese, but like with us less is more of this tasty treat so you need to go easy on the cheese.

A nice little chunk of crumbly cheddar or a low fat mozzarella are good choices.  Introduce cheese slowly to a dogs diet.  Some dogs may be lactose intolerant and suffer from digestive symptoms like stomach pain or loose stools upon consumption.   If the cheese does not agree with your canines tummy there are plenty other tasty treats to try.

Dogs can’t get enough – Peanut butter

Another treat dogs go absolutely crazy for is peanut butter however be careful and read the label and never feed your dog peanut butter containing Xylitol as this is toxic to dogs.  It’s also a good idea to go for the unsalted version of this tasty treat.

Peanut butter is a fabulous protein source, contains both vitamin B and E and is good for the heart.  It taste great and most dogs love it.   Pop some in a Kong toy or similar for hours of fun, a great way to relive boredom on a quiet day.

This nutty number is also exceptionally high in calories and fat so too much of a good thing can lead to your pooch putting on the pounds.   Again less is more for a healthy happy hound.

Boiled, Poached or Scrambled – Eggs

A cooked egg can be a very healthy nutritious treat option for your dog.  Full of protein, they also contain heart healthy unsaturated fats and are a great source of vitamins like B6, B12 and vitamin D.    The shell can be eaten too as full of vitamins and calcium.  As well as a great treat they are fabulous for the helping your dog keep a lovely healthy coat.  Farm fresh is best!

Avoid feeding your dog raw eggs.  Typically they would not become ill from consuming raw egg however your dog could become exposed to salmonella that they could pass onto others within the household.

Sweet and juicy – Pineapple

One of my pets picks.  As well as being super tasty pineapple is packed with vitamins, minerals and fibre.  Making it an excellent nutritious treat for your dog especially served chilled on a hot day.

In Moderation

Like most treats feed in moderation.  Small amount of pineapple are best avoid upset tummies and more for us humans too.

We want our dogs to enjoy their treats so always be mindful of what, when and how much you give them.  Make sure treat sizes suit your dog, chopping up bigger treats into bit size snacks, especially for smaller dogs is often best.  These are just a few of Ocsar’s most loved treats.   There are so many other foods out there that can be healthy alternatives to dry dog treats and snacks.  We will be back soon with more…

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