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“Scoop up sustainability with our Planet Friendly dog waste bags – made from 75% renewable materials for responsible pet owners.”   We have the most extensive range of dog waste bags, a poop bag for all dogs, and their surprises of all shapes and sizes.

In addition to the use of renewable materials, our bags are tear-resistant and leak-proof, ensuring a mess-free cleanup every time. We have also incorporated handles into a majority of our bag designs for added convenience while walking your furry friend.

We get the paws up from our four-legged friends and their owners. Our Scot-Petshop Outdoor Dog Shop is a trusted Online Store for your beloved canine companions needs – shop online with us today

Committed to protecting our planet – ‘Bag It and Bin It’ with Scot-Petshop and Ecohound dog waste bags. In 2021 we introduced our Oceanex and post-consumer plastic waste dog poo bags for our customers and their four-legged friends. Our eco-friendly bags are made with 75% recycled materials, which includes 50% post-consumer recycled plastic and 25% Oceanex. The remaining 25% is virgin HDPE to ensure durability and prevent any mishaps while using our dog waste bags.

As a company, we are constantly looking for ways to improve our sustainability efforts.  We are committed to protecting the planet by embracing new technologies and adapting our production for a sustainable future.

But our commitment to sustainability doesn’t stop at just our products. We also minimize waste in our production process and use eco-friendly packaging materials. Our bags are also biodegradable, breaking down naturally over time without leaving harmful microplastics behind.

By choosing Scot-petshop’s eco-friendly dog waste bags, you are not only making a responsible choice for the environment but also for your furry friend. Our bags are safe and non-toxic, ensuring no harm to your pet. Plus, they come in a variety of sizes to cater to all dog breeds.

Join us in our mission to create a cleaner and greener world for both humans and animals. Make the switch to eco-friendly dog waste bags today and be a part of the solution. Together, we can make a positive impact on the planet one dog walk at a time. So why

Our NEW Ecohound range now includes the large premium flat packed 500 boxes of dark green waste bags at 17 microns in thickness.  The Ecohound Oceanex flat-packed bags with hanging tabs in 15 microns are available in quantities of 300 to 4,000.  On a roll, we have the Ecohound 375  and Ecohound Small 240 with easy tie handles and the Ecohound 300 Standard straight-cut bags.  A bag for every dog!

Are you a dog lover looking to take your pet-ownership game to the next level? Do you want more ways to give back and make a positive contribution to the environment while delighting in all the bonding, love, joy, and adventure of being a pup parent? Becoming more “dog” is easier than ever with some innovative and rewarding ideas that will keep both you and your four-legged friend happily engaged. Not only can this open up new possibilities for fun activities (involving exercise, volunteering, playtime, and travel), it can be an invaluable opportunity for people of all ages—from young adults through retirees—to become involved in their communities or learn about important environmental issues. Now get excited: because we’re about to explore how our furry friends can help us become the most ‘dog’ we’ve ever been!

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Discover adventure with your four legged best friend.  I hope our new blog will give you a little inspiration on enjoying the great outdoors with your dog, dog friendly holidays and attractions, dog health and wellbeing, dog behaviour and lots more.