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Fun In The Sun

Getting out and about with your dog is great fun for all. This year we have introduced a wide range of dog product to help you keep fit running and cycling with your dog and we have added to our already extensive Ruffwear range for hillwalking, trekking and camping with mans best friend. We have Swamp Cooler coats to keep your dog cool in the summer sun, Approach and Hydration Packs so your dog can carry its own water and essentials or boots to protect your dogs paws on rough terrain.

ruffwear 1  Oscar at Eilean Donan Castle

Planet Friendly Dog Poo Bags

Do your bit for our planet – Bag It and Bin It with Scot-Petshop. Last year we extended our range of biodegradable dog poo bags, we now offer large standard green and dark green premium eco-friendly vest type dog waste bags in either 15 or 20 micron in thickness along with our new Poo Bags Direct biodegradable poo bags on a roll. This year we are also introducing our new Pantry Pack and more vest style large dog poop bags. Have a look, view our full range of Scot-Petshop bags.

poobags collage

Springing Into Life

As your garden springs to life most migrant bird species have arrived for the summer and the Blackbirds, Mistle and Song Thrushes are in full song. Birds like the goldfinch are starting to build their nests and in many gardens you will see dunnocks and chaffinches hopping around the bird table. Have a look at our range of bird tables, feeders including the new contemporary designed feeders for the modern stylish garden and wide variety of nesting boxes.   Birds will not be your only garden visitors, look out for hedgehogs, squirrels, dormice and more.

First Bath By Willie Mills HH10

Be More Cat!

Cats like to sleep…lots!! Our cat beds ooze comfort and luxury making the purrfect place for a cat nap. However, after that long snooze a little snack and fresh water may be required to boost energy so we have a selection of kitty bowls, feeders and water fountains just for your moggy. Now your pussy cat is feline fresh and fine get the scratch mat, laser chaser and cat tree out for that mad half hour before a well deserved snooze in the sunshine on a cosy window seat.

Be More Cat Rest Sleep And Play