Dog Poop Bags Flat Packed

If you are looking for large dog waste bags then flat packed poo bags are the way to go.  The poop bags come split into piles of either 50 or 100 within a bigger box of your chosen quantity.  Within this category it is possible to order up to 5000 doggie dirt bags.  For larger orders see our bulk buy deals.

We stock the Scot-Petshop range as well as the Poobagsdirect and Ecohound ranges.  Our bags come in three different shades of green, moss green, medium green and dark bottle green.

We pride ourselves on quality, our pooh bags are large, strong, with easy tie handles and opaque, able to handle any dogs delights.

Help look after our planet, our environment and your local dog walking green areas, countryside or parks and be your local dog wardens friend.  Just pop a few bags in your pocket for your dog walk, grab it bag it and bin it!


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