Dog Poop Bags Flat Packed

Dog Poop Bags Flat Packed. If you are looking for large dog waste bags, flat-packed poo bags are the way to go.  Stacked in bundles of 50s or 100s within a larger box of your chosen quantity.  So easy to use!

In our drive towards a circular economy.  Our dog waste bag selections are made from a unique blend of 30% post-consumer recycled plastic and 25% OCEANEX. OCEANEX is a remarkable resin supplement which contains powdered oyster shell waste from a sustainable source.  Adding waste seashells means our bags can be made with less precious oil-based polymer and the replacement material is bio-renewable too!

Furthermore, our dog waste bags come in recycled and recyclable boxes.  We keep the colours simple and discrete for our waste bag.  Dark bottle green or light moss green.

Finally, help look after our planet, our environment and your local dog-walking green areas, countryside and parks.  Remember to always bag it and bin it!


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