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At Scot-Petshop we are dedicated to bringing you the best selection of what the current pet market has to offer.

We put our heart and soul into searching for the the most exciting and innovative new products on the market. With our dedicated trial team we are able to offer the best advise and reviews on the products we sell.

If your pet has tried one of our products and would like to be an honorary guest please email us your review and a photo of your pet and we will be delighted to show case it on our site.


Scot-Petshop Eco Friendly Dog Poop Bags

Our own brand dog poo bags are great value for money, large….no dog is too big for our bags, green, environmentally friendly and 15 micron thick, that means you will never have a nasty poo bag accident with these bags.

Be kind to the environment and use our poop scoop bags to clear up your dogs mess. These Quality Poop Scoop bags with easy to tie handles are just what both you and your dog need.

We should all consider the environment when it comes to the use of plastic bags. On average a dog owner will use 6 to 8 poop bags per day which is approx 2555 plastic poop bags per year, per dog and how many dogs are in just Britain alone. That is why we must make the change. The great thing about these bags is the quality is just the same, the price is great and you are doing your bit for the environment.

Buy from 300 to 40,000…..

We can supply. Looking for even more just email us at  or call us on 01506 444868

Poop Bags New  Poop Bags New  Poop Bags New

Find out more information on our eco friendly bags and buy with confidence.


Amazing poem about Dog Poo written and sent to us by one of customers Julie and her gorgeous dog Harvey (pictured below).  Thank you so much. xx

Dog Poo

harveyI know it sounds disgusting, but its a thing you have to do
If you live with mans best fri…end you have to pick up poo!
They come in different sizes, that’s the poo’s not the dogs
That’s why I chose a little pooch, I don’t want to pick up logs!

Now if my fury friend goes to toilet in the garden,
I tend to get sense of joy, if I find a harden
Because picking up the soft ones is really quite a task
Especially if the lawn needs mowing, your bag fills up with grass!

I like to try and keep my lawn, tidy, short and trim,
I can then spot poo’s a mile off and get them bin.
Autumn makes things tricky when the leaves fall to the ground.
Its like playing spot the poo in the different shades of brown!

Now if your doggy likes to run to do his poop in peace,
Finding it to pick it up is frustrating to say the least.
In the winters frosty air, its not so difficult as it seems,
The poop will show you where it is, just look out for the steam.

I get in quite a pickle if my dog poops in a place,
Where other dogs have done their business, a dilemma I must face.
Poop Identification, is it mines, or is it not,
But I know if I get the right one, as I grab it, its still hot!

Now the most important thing of all, is if you own a dog,
When they go to toilet, poop scooping is your job.
Don’t ignore the doggy mess, it may end up on someones shoe,
Make sure you always pick it up, the responsibility is down to you!

Poo bags I’ve tried a plenty, most break or are too small,
Most not eco friendly, I must have tried them all.
Nappy bags and tissues, I’ve put them to the test,
But I can happily recommend, Scot-Petshops they’re the best!

 Inspired buy looking for poos in the leaves on Sunday and that I like Exo Biodegradable Poop Bags!


A Few More Customer reviews:

Cheapest Poo bags I could find, great for big and small poos alike, degradable too !!


Great to have environmentally friendly baggies, good size and very good value for money. I don’t use anything else!

These are the best priced bio-degradable poop bags I have found on the net. They are great quality, with very speedy delivery and so I will definitely buy them again.

These are great – they feel stronger than most poo bags, so you don’t feel in danger of the bag splitting and a nasty accident occurring! They tie easily, the handles don’t break, and the fact that they’re degradable means guilt-free use. Excellent.

They are good value for money and biodegradable, what more do you want? They open easily and don’t take up too much space. I would buy them again and have recommended them to several people!

These are great – a good size, and they feel strong, unlike some which make me feel that I should use 2 bags when scooping just in case one breaks!

As I try to be environmentally conscious.

I like the colour too – it’s nice and obvious for when I leave the bag hidden by a tree while I go round the walk – I’ve never forgotten to pick it up on the way back! Is it bad to admit to doing that?


Car Booster Seat

When we first decided to stock the Trixie Booster Seat we did not realise how big a hit is was going to be. As the owner of a large dog who just needs a big car seat cover it it not something we had really thought much about. However, once stocked we began to understand how good these seats actually are for our small furry friends. The seat provides a cosy comfortable bed for your small dog and most importantly you can attach the small lead within the seat to your dogs harness to ensure the safety of your dog whist travelling. The Trixie Booster Seat will hold dogs up to a weight of 9 kg it is height adjustable to give your dog a view out of the window and fresh air with a window vent during your journey. If on holiday the Booster doubles up as a bed for the night in your hotel, lodge or caravan. We have also newly introduced the Kurgo Booster Seat and Kurgo Stowe Booster Seat which can hold small dogs up to 13 kg in weight.

Booster Seat  Kurog Booster Seat kurgo stowe


Bike Distance Keeper For Dogs

We have been selling the Trixie Bike Distance Keeper for many years, we have to count it amongst one of our best selling items of 2012 and 2013. The bike distance keeper comes in both a standard and deluxe version and is suitable for bikes and wheelchairs and is a great way for keeping fit and cycling with your dog. We had a customer purchase the Deluxe Bike Distance Keeper for her wheelchair, this is what she had to say about the product:

Just wanted to tell you how delighted I am with my order. It means that I can “walk” my dogs from ther of-road wheelchair I sent you a picture of. The bracket fitted the thick frame so long as I left the soft plastic paintwork protector piece off – not bothered about paintwork as I spent a lot of time off-roading in mud and all sorts! The quick release attachment makes getting through my garden gate possible – I just reattach the bar and dog once in the park. My MS is now more bearable knowing my dogs are happy.


This was great to hear and gives us confidence in recommending in the future for wheelchair users.


Trixie Walker Dog BootsCustomer Review

A month ago I ordered two pairs of your Walker boots for my Westie for use on the West Highland Way. I’m mailing to let you know that Dougal completed the walk, 97 miles in 8 days on 19 May. His paws were in perfect condition, I cant say the same for the boots! but they did the job! Dougal is 12, has done the walk 6 times, always wearing some type of boots, and this is the first time he has finished with no blisters or damage to his pads.The boots were excellent! I would add that I wrapped insulation tape round the boots were the velcro fastening is, just as a bit of reinforcement.

Thank you so much for your review of the Trixie Walker Professional Dog Boots.

We offer an extensive range of dog boots and socks at Scot-Petshop, boots or socks to help protect and aid with the healing of injured paws, boots to help protect the paws of elderly or infirm dogs, socks to aid dogs at home slipping on wood or laminate flooring or boot and socks for dogs out on an adventure or expedition, hill walking or climbing a mountain in the sunshine or snow.

ruffwear_bark_n_boots_polar_trex_insulated_dog_boots_1306927_5_og ruffwear dog boots


Dog Car Harness / Seat Belt & Walking Harness

A dog car harness is a must for both your own and your dog’s safety whilst travelling in a car, van, or lorry. An unrestrained pet can cause distraction whilst driving, both you or your pet could also be seriously injured if you are involved in an accident. Always ensure your pet is safely secured in a seatbelt harness.

At Scot-Petshop, you will find dog seatbelt harnesses in small, medium, large, and extra large. A safety harness that attaches to the seatbelt is best. It should go around the dog’s chest, back, and shoulders and be attached to the car’s seatbelt, which is fastened. Some of the car harness in our shop can also double up as a dog walking harness making it practical for you to go from the car to dog walking effortlessly.

Before buying a harness, always make sure that the harness is suitable for use in a car. This is clearly detailed in our shop listings. Check it is suitable for the size and weight of your dog to ensure a safe and comfortable fit, with wide straps to distribute any force safely across the dog’s body.


Dog Rear Seat Car Cover

Our range of rear car seat covers are great, ultra practical item and a must-have for protecting your car seats from a wet or dirty dog. Our standard and most popular hammock design fits by looping over the back seat head rests (fully adjustable straps) and then by folding out across the full width of your rear seat to fully protect your car seats . It has holes to pull seatbelts through in order to secure your dog in place with a car safety harness. It is made from a quality, waterproof material that can be wiped clean or machine-washed if very dirty. Universal fit Car Seat Cover and black in colour.

Another great rear seat cover that we thoroughly recommend is The Dog Rear Seat Cover With Side Panels. We use this one in the back of our car for our Labrador, we have recommended and sold to many with fantastic feedback on the ease of use and practicality of this cover. There is an opening to allow the seatbelt to be threaded through so you can safely harness your dog in the back seat of the car, the cover can lie flat on the back seat of your car or you can zip the sides up to create the side panels. This cover will protect your car fully from any dirty or wet dog in your car, it is also a safe way for your dog to travel. Always make sure your dog is harnessed in when travelling in the front or rear seats of your car.


SnuggleSafe Microwave Pet Warmer

Easy to use, the heatpad can keep your pet warm for up to 10 hours, either indoors or outdoors. Anytime, anywhere, day or night, this heatpad is ideal for new-born, convalescing, and or for pets who just feel the cold. No wires, no plugs, with a tough bite-resistant case and a cozy cover. Recommended by vets worldwide. Suitable for cats, kittens, dogs, puppies, rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs, gerbils, and more.


Above pictures From Elaine one of our customers in Australia, pics of her gorgeous chocolate Chihuahua puppies on one of their Snugglesafes which they just love.


Snugglesafe Microfibre Towel

This is no ordinary towel. These amazing micro fibre towels dramatically reduce your pets drying time. Ideal for home and travelling. Available in two sizes and in a dog-friendly brown colour. The standard size is suitable for small dogs, cats, and rabbits, is 92 x 46 cm, and comes in a zip bag. The Big Dog size is 140 x 76 cm for your larger breeds of dogs and horses.


Trixie Handsfree Dog Jogging Lead

A healthy way to walk your dog. Time for both you and your dog to get fit. You are going to love this hands free dog jogging lead. Just strap around your waist attach to your dog and your off.

The hands-free system allows the dog owner to practice sports like jogging or power walking . The integrated expander softens sudden tugs, which happen when the dog heavily pulls on the lead. The ’Hands Free’ lead also includes a special hook with patented rotator, which prevents the lead from getting twisted and ensures a relaxed jog for both dog and owner. The ’Hands Free’ lead is fitted with 2 pockets for storing mobiles, dog treats, drinking bottle, poo bags etc. Reflective stripes offer additional safety for both dog and owner.

Another great item for getting out and about with your dog is the jogging & cycling lead. This dog lead goes over the shoulder and is simple to use. For more info just click on the link: Cycling & Jogging Dog Lead.

Jogging Lead  Jogging Lead




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