Dog Poo Poem

Amazing poem about Dog Poo written and sent to us by one of customers Julie and her gorgeous dog Harvey.  This was written many years ago and our website has been updated, renewed so many times however I love this poem so much it always travels with us during every upgrade and always will as long as Scot-Petshop exists.  Thank you so much. xx

Dog Poo Poem

Dog Poo

I know it sounds disgusting, but its a thing you have to do
If you live with mans best fri…end you have to pick up poo!
They come in different sizes, that’s the poo’s not the dogs
That’s why I chose a little pooch, I don’t want to pick up logs!

Now if my fury friend goes to toilet in the garden,
I tend to get sense of joy, if I find a harden
Because picking up the soft ones is really quite a task
Especially if the lawn needs mowing, your bag fills up with grass!

I like to try and keep my lawn, tidy, short and trim,
I can then spot poo’s a mile off and get them bin.
Autumn makes things tricky when the leaves fall to the ground.
Its like playing spot the poo in the different shades of brown!

Now if your doggy likes to run to do his poop in peace,
Finding it to pick it up is frustrating to say the least.
In the winters frosty air, its not so difficult as it seems,
The poop will show you where it is, just look out for the steam.

I get in quite a pickle if my dog poops in a place,
Where other dogs have done their business, a dilemma I must face.
Poop Identification, is it mines, or is it not,
But I know if I get the right one, as I grab it, its still hot!

Now the most important thing of all, is if you own a dog,
When they go to toilet, poop scooping is your job.
Don’t ignore the doggy mess, it may end up on someones shoe,
Make sure you always pick it up, the responsibility is down to you!

Poo bags I’ve tried a plenty, most break or are too small,
Most not eco friendly, I must have tried them all.
Nappy bags and tissues, I’ve put them to the test,
But I can happily recommend, Scot-Petshops they’re the best!


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