Heavy Duty Car Boot Cover With Bumper Protector Apron Slip


Due to the flexible components of this car boot cover it fits comfortably into most cars.

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Heavy Duty Car Boot Cover With Bumper Protector Apron Slip

Due to the flexible components this boot cover fits comfortably in most cars. Extra high sides offer an ideal protection of the boot’s coating on the inside. A removable apron which is made of nylon protects the bumper while your pet jumps in or out of the boot. The boot cover is supplied with a special non-slip surface, which prevents slippage whilst driving. This cover is easily cleaned by simply wiping it down.

• nylon
• removable apron protects bumper against scratching
• high sides protect boot’s interior lining
• anti-slip coating offers more hold for the dog
• fits every boot size due to flexible metal rods
• protects against dirt and pet hair
• easy fitting and removal

Important: Prevents the pet from moving around in the vehicle. For comprehensive accident protection use a certified car safety harness. Ideally your dog should travel on the rear bench seat.

Fitting Instructions – Spread the cover in your car boot and attach it to the head rests using the nylon bands attached. You can individually adjust the cover to your car boot by bending the inside metal rods into the shape you desire to form a tray. Please note that the metal rods cannot be bent and re-bent too often, otherwise the material would suffer.  Hook and loop fasteners at the bottom and at the side of the cover ensure a safe hold. A separate nylon apron can be fixed and detached again with enclosed hook and loop fastener. Before starting your trip this apron can be put up with the help of 2 clasps, so that the boot lid’s interior lining is protected as well. The nylon apron will help to protect the bumper while the dog jumps in or out of the car

Car Boot Cover Information

Car Boot Cover
Measurements Cover: Width 164 x Length 125 cm
Apron Slip: 20 x 24 inches approx (50 x 60 cm)
Colour: black

Water Repellent  handwash


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