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Julius K-9 was the first company in Europe to manufacture dog harnesses, protective equipment and other accessories under the K9 brand name. In 2003 the company re-branded to incorporate the term ‘Power’ to it’s harnesses when the 2nd largest Austrian Police Training Centre used them with excellent results during their actual roles as emergency services. The harnesses and accessories are now used by most of the European Police, armed services, prisons, customs and commercial security.

The Julius Dog Harness

julius newsThe technical experts have mainly developed their reputation for creating dog harnesses using original technical solutions for these products, never used before. Julius K9 is still a family run business where the employees are involved in the development, production and distribution of the products and this evolved from the passion of the founder Julius (Gyula) Sebo. The self confessed perfectionist who’s ultimate goal was to develop the best possible harness for a working police, security, rescue and/or guide dog used his technical expertise combined with his interest in dog training to achieve this through his involvement with a number of training groups throughout Europe. The result…. a robust, easy to fit, secure and comfortable harness which is un-equalled in quality and finish as well as being very competitively priced.

Why use a Julius K-9 harness over any other?

First and foremost the practical design is second to none as the ergonomic fit, as well as the adjustable belly and chest straps ensure the perfect fit for your dog, no matter what breed or size. The harness comes in a variety of sizes to fit dogs both large and small, from Chihuahas to Rottweilers and the breathable cotton harness is comfortable against your dog’s skin.

Secondly, the scratch-proof outer layer and the sturdy seams, as well as it’s water resistance makes it a truly robust product which will withstand all manner of external environments and is ideal for dogs who like to roam through shrubs and woodland.

The reflective stripes provide excellent visibility and allows you to see your dog at all times in poor light, as well as keeping your dog safe. There is even a lamp holder incorporated into the harness to provide additional visibility.

The Julius K-9 powerharness is superior to a collar and lead as your dog can move more freely and protects your dog’s neck from tightening or loss of fur as a result of the leash. The handler can help lift their dog using the incorporated handle or in some instances the handle may even be used to carry your dog, safely secured, or even to abseil into areas they would have been unable to reach on their own.

The Y-Strap can be purchased separately and is used to join the chest and stomach straps which is especially suitable whilst your dog is growing and also allows you to use the harness as a safety harness in the car.

The Julius K-9 harness has Velcro fixable logo fields where you can attach Velcro sticker and reflective lettering (151617) which can be used as a practical addition to the harness, such as allowing your dog to be identified as part of a working group, such as ‘Police’, ‘Security’ or ‘Rescue’ or they can also be used as a bit of fun with labels such as ‘Couch Potato’ or ‘Gangster’ (151545). You can also attach flashing strips (14795) which have flashing interval patterns or continuous light which will increase your dog’s visibility further.

Julius K-9 Saddle Bags (14991)The Velcro strips also allow you to securely attach the Julius K-9 Saddle Bags (14991) which are ideal for long walks or treks with your dog as it allows them to carry all of their essentials, giving you less to carry.

All in all, the Julius K-9 harness certainly stands out from the crowd in terms of practicality, design and aesthetics and it won’t let you down. Check out our full range of Julius K-9 harness and accessories.


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