Poo Bags Using EXO Bio-Renewable Technology


A revolutionary bio-renewable supplement for plastic resin made from waste sea shells. The core ingredients of EXO Technology, EXO-LLD, are organic extracted from the processing of sea shells waste and sourced from a waste stream close to the manufacturing site of our poo bags.


EXO LLD Bio-renewable Technology used in our bags

Exo PlasticsThe core ingredients of EXO are Chitin, Aragonite and Calcite. The Chitin, which is the outer layer of sea shell is a bio-polymer providing strength and durability of bio-plastics as well as encouraging microbial activity on disposal which can help to accelerate bio-degradation in thin plastic like our bags.  Aragonite, a naturally occurring carbon mineral formed by biological and physical processes including precipitation from freshwater and marine environments and makes up most of the calcium contents of our bags. The third ingredient is Calcite which is the same calcium carbonate found in rocks like limestone and chalk but the EXO calcite is sourced from a renewable source.

All three of our renewable ingredients are combined and processed into a micro fine powder which is then compounded into a pellet of LLDPE to be added to the synthetic resin plus EPI additive that makes up the rest of our biodegradable poop bags.

Our standard and premium poop bags at 15 or 20 micron in thickness contain around 20% bio-renewable content making these a great environmental choice for dog waste bags.

Chitin Argonite Calcite



Why Our EXO Bags Are a Great Eco Friendly Solution

Low Carbon FootprintThe bio-renewable Chitin in our EXO dirt bags encourage microbial activity to assist in the acceleration of degradation.  With EXO-LLD, a substantial percentage of the petrochemical polymers in everyday plastics can now be replaced with a bio-renewable material, worth thinking about!

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