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This month we were contacted by one of our dog waste bag customer Shiona.  She asked if we could kindly offer some of our dog poo bags at a discounted price to take on her return trip to help the street dogs of Phuket, Thailand through the charity Soi Dogs.  We immediately replied offering to provide our dog poop bags free of charge but asked if she could kindly write us a few words about the work she has done and will we doing for this wonderful charity helping street dogs in Thailand.  We happily donated 270 rolls of dog waste bags, 4000 bags and I am sure they will be put to very good use.

Below is a few words from Shiona.

We hope this will go a little way in helping to raise awareness about the Soi Dog Foundation.

This summer we are returning to Soi Dog in Phuket, 6 years after our first visit where after 4 weeks of volunteering we came back with 2 amazing dogs, Batu and Rufus (below). Both had been pets and were abandoned on the street. Volunteering there was one of the best times of my life.  I cant wait to get back in the puppy run which makes me smile so much, although you cant be too precious about your shoelaces if you do go in there!

Batu and Rufus Soi Dog Foundation

So what does a day volunteering look like? Most of the time we will be walking the dogs, helping socialise them or giving them a play in the play area. With about 20 dogs in a run it can be hard to make sure they all get some attention as some are more boisterous than others but what amazes me most is how much most of them trust humans when some of them have had such bad experiences with them. This is down to the fantastic staff and the time they spend with them. It truly is an amazing place to spend time as long as you can cope with walking in the heat and being very smelly.

To find out more you can visit About Soi Dog Foundation.

Scot-Petshop would truly recommend visiting the Soi Dog website to see what wonderful work they do.  You can offer to help too with transportation, adoption or fundraising and donating.

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