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Epping Forest Hedgehog Feeder


Product Information

Epping Forest Hedgehog Feeder

Encourage hedgehogs into your garden to feed safely with this hedgehog feeder house. It’s been specially designed with an internal tunnel system to prevent food from being stolen by dogs or cats and to therefore make hedgehogs feel safe and secure when feeding. It has a hinged lid which provides easy access for cleaning and access to food bowls. 

If not required as a feeder then this unit can also be used as a hedgehog house. 

Important Information: These products are for wild creatures and as such, you should not expect immediate habitation. We suggest you carefully read the supplied instructions for siting and provide this product in a suitable habitat for the target species. The product can then be re-visited 6 - 12 months later, or in the appropriate season, to see if it is being used.

If after 24 months the product has not been used, it may be worth choosing an alternative location to site it and/or look to see what improvements you can make to provide a suitable environment for your target species (flowers, woodpiles, rough areas of garden etc)

Because many species of creature are constantly seeking refuge and safe nesting sites, you may find that an unexpected species is using your product - this is part of nature and all species should be welcomed as part of your wildlife garden.

Height Width Depth
215 mm 500 mm 410 mm

Epping Forest Hedgehog Feeder

Product Code: HHF


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