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Barn Owl Box FSC Mix


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Barn Owl Box FSC Mix

This barn owl box is constructed from naturally durable FSC Cedar and also of FSC plywood. This box has been designed to be easy to install and also to last for many years. 

It has a sizeable shelf/exercise area which is crucial for emerging chicks to give them a safe area to stand and gain confidence before first taking flight. It also has a flat roof which provides an additional area to allow them to exercise their wings and to strengthen them for taking flight. There is also an inspection hatch/door which is hinged to make it easy to clean or to allow ringing* of the young.


Fixing points top and bottom are on swinging brackets for easy storage/display.


In order to offer disturbance-free monitoring and viewing enjoyment of all the owls habits and activities, there is a camera clip attached to the inside of the roof to enable you to fit an infra-red camera if you wish.


You may also find that the box is used by little owls, tawny owls, kestrels and some other bird species. 


* Barn owls are a Schedule 1 species and an occupied box can only be disturbed/inspected by a licenced individual in the breeding season (a licence is not required to inspect the box for maintenance purposes outside the breeding season)


Siting: The BOB barn owl box should be installed on the trunk of a mature tree or in the crown of a tree. The tree should not be within woodland, but should be either on the woodland edge or away from woodland with the entrance hole clearly visible to any potential passing owls. It can also be installed on the side of a farm building or similar, or inside an open bar with at least 2 routes of entry/exit for the owls.


This is a special production item, please allow up to 6 weeks for delivery if out of stock.


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Barn Owl Box Barn Owl Box made from Durable Cedarwood

Product Code: BOB


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