The BIG DOG Day has arrived

DOG day has arrived, the adoption has been finalised, paperwork signed, and donation paid.  The checklist is done: dog food, treats, bowls (for food and water). Bed(s), brush, toys, dog poo bags, lead, collar, name tag, crate, car seat belt, and harness (if required).  Not to mention family matching dog jumpers, and welcome home banners for your rescue dog.

Most importantly, come prepared for collection with some treats and a safe way of transporting your new family member home.  A secure crate in the boot is often preferred but it is also possible to buy a car harness for your dog and secure them safely in the boot or back seat of your car.

Once all goodbye licks and hugs are over then it’s the beginning of a new life for you and your new family member.

Finally, time to welcome them home, let them sniff around and explore.  Show them their bed, bowls, interact and play.  Allow them to settle in with ease, reassurance, and plenty of hugs and treats.

Read “Rescue, Adopt, Give a Dog a Home” from the start.  Covers costs to consider in adopting a new dog into your family. Why before committing to adopting a dog, affordability is a very important consideration plus further dog essential cost info.  The total annual cost of owning a dog can vary between £230 and £1740 with additional costs varying between £760 to £2,630 according to The Dog people.

The BIG Rescue DOG day and beyond coming soon.

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