How do you choose the right dog?

Make a dog’s day and transform its life.  The next part of our guide is about choosing the right rescue dog for both you and your family.

Choosing the right rescue dog and welcoming them into your home can be so rewarding.  Not only are you transforming that dog’s life for the better, but you are also enriching your own.  Also helping the rehoming charity or organisation in safely securing another dog’s future tail-wagging happiness.

Once you have decided that adoption is the right choice for you/you and your family.  Go online and check out rehoming centers in your area.   Remember to view dogs available locally from small independent rescue centers to the larger UK-wide charities such as Dogs Trust.  So many beautiful dogs to choose from all waiting patiently for a loving new home.

According to PetKeen around, 664,000 dogs are estimated to enter rehoming charities or welfare organisations in the UK annually.  Some of these dogs are lost and will be reunited with their owners.  Some will be too elderly or unwell for adoption and may end up in long-term foster care.   The rest of those hairy hounds, they need a home so are made available for adoption.  Each dog available for adoption will have a doggie profile.  This will show age, breed, size, likes, and living preferences i.e are they suitable to live with other dogs, cats, children, etc.  It’s important to make sure the needs of the dog you wish to adopt would be met by your lifestyle and circumstances.  It’s hard not to just fall in love with them all.

The Selection Process

Once you have made your doggie selection/selections just complete the online application or give the adoption charity a call to begin your adoption journey.  Applications are usually then carefully reviewed by the charity rehoming teams or volunteers to make sure your lifestyle matches that of the dog’s needs.  In some cases, they may also recommend another dog they believe is better suited that you may have missed or initially overlooked.

Once a potential match is found and a home check is completed, whether in person or virtual then it’s time to arrange that initial visit and introduction.  If the visit is a success and a perfect match is found for a lifetime of hairy hugs, love, and licks then arrangements can be made to take your dog away to its furrever home.  The journey begins and memories can be made.

Rehoming centers will want to stay in touch after adoption to check up on how your dog is settling into its new life.  They are also there to help, providing advice or support as and when required.  Just a phone call away! Adopt, rescue, and give a dog a home.

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