Insect Shield Dog Loop


Trixie Insect Shield® dog bandana, perfect for trips to the park, walks in the woods or when camping.



Insect Shield Dog Loop Bandana

Insect Shield® dog bandana | dog loop | dog collar perfect for trips to the park, walks in the woods or when camping. It is also
well suited for use anywhere where many dogs meet, such as in dog play grounds, dog kennels and at dog pageants.

active ingredient: permethrin
light-weight, soft and elastic material
invisible, odourless insect protection
repels mosquitoes, ticks, flies, fleas and ants
long-term protection (for at least 25 washes)
ideal for trips to the park, walks in the wood or for camping

Why should you use insect protection?

Insects such as ticks, mosquitos and fleas are more than just annoying nuisances. They can affect the health of humans and animals, cause itching, localised infections and fever, and carry dangerous diseases such as lyme disease and malaria.

How does the Insect Shield® technology work?

Years of research and a numerous field studies have produced an innovative defence mechanism against insects:
The unique Insect Shield® technology protects against ticks, mosquitos, ants, flies and fleas. To this end, it uses
permethrin, a synthetic variant of the insect defence employed by certain species of chrysanthemum plants. This substance is firmly
embedded into the design of all Insect Shield® products.

Additional information

Dog Loop Colour

Bordeaux, Grey

Size | Neck Circumference

XS 24 cm, S 32 cm, M 36 cm, M-L 42 cm, L 50 cm, XL 58 cm


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