Ecohound Poo Bag Rolls 780 Bags + Poop Bag Dispenser


Ecohound Bumper Pack Of Large Biodegradable Dog Waste Bags – A One Year Supply.  Also includes a poo bag dispenser with hook and loop fastener is suitable for any standard sized dog waste bags.


Ecohound Moss Green Oxo Biodegradable Poo Bags On A Roll 780 Bags With Dispenser (Without Handles)

Bag It and Bin It With Ecohound Dog Waste Bags on a roll.  We are offering this fabulous bumper pack of ecohound poo bag rolls, providing a one year supply of dog waste bags.  Comes in a handy storage box and dispenser, everything you need for picking up poo whilst walking your four legged friends.

Go Green with our new bumper pack of pooh bags from our Ecohound Range.  Large Unscented Planet Friendly Dog Waste Bags. 1 box, 1 Dispenser, 52 rolls of 15 bags which fit nicely into your pocket or into the standard poop bag dispenser provided.

At 15 micron in thickness our bags are strong so no chance of any nasty accidents. These eco friendy poo bags are easy to use, simply detach from the role, no tears no holes and will not split.

These premium planet friendly bags have been designed with our environmentally friendly dog loving customers in mind.  Our bags are degradable and our packaging fully recyclable.

The handy poo bag dispenser with hook and loop fastener is suitable for any standard sized dog waste bags.  Just unscrew the cap, pop your waste bag roll inside and simply dispense.  Picking up after your canine companion made easy!

Large thick poo bags – no more nasty accidents!

Size: Width 230 x Length 330 mm.
Thickness: 15 microns.
Colour: Olive Green.
DEGRADABLE: OXO Biodegradable Plastic (PE) – The EPI Additive in our bags allow them to degrade unlike traditional plastic

Our Large Strong ecohound poo bag rolls use OXO Biodegradable technology which will degrade into small pieces then biodegrade into soil.  We should all consider the environment when it comes to the use of non degradable plastic bags. On average a dog owner will use hundreds if not thousands of poop bags every year. That is why we must make the change and use degradable plastic poop bags.

Looking for a smaller box of poop bags, try our Ecohound 240 box


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