Ecohound 500 Dark Green Large Thick Dog Poo Bags Prime Quality


Ecohound Dark Green Large Thick Dog Waste Bags With Easy Tie Handles, Flat Packed In Bundles Of 100 In Fully Recyclable Packaging.



Ecohound Large Dog Poop Bags, Box Of 500 (Not On A Roll)

Ecohound Large Dog Waste Bags.  Bumper box of 500 dark green poo bags at 17 micron in thickness.  A superior quality poop bag for dog waste collection.

These large vest style waste bags come in an easy access top opening stylish Ecohound branded recyclable box.  The bags are carefully folded into 5 neat piles of 100 poop bags with no excess packaging. Simply grab a bag or two before each dog walk.  This bumper pack of 500 bags will ensure a constant supply of bags.  Once down to the last pile, simply re-order and they will never run out.

More about Ecohound Dog Poop Bags

BAG IT AND BIN IT –  Picking up dog waste made easy with these Ecohound Large Dog Waste Bags.  Leak proof dark green unscented dog waste bags with sturdy tie handles in a handy easy access box. Picking up poop after our four legged friends made easy.

DEGRADABILITY – OXO-Biodegradable Plastic (PE) – The EPI Additive allows these bags to degrade.

LARGE THICK & STRONG – Size – Length 38 cm, Width 18 cm With a 6 cm gusset on each side allowing your dog pooh bag to open up extra wide, 17 micron thick – 500 Large Unscented Bags making picking up easy and hygienic with no nasty accidents.

EASY TIE HANDLES FOR AN EASY LIFE– These bags are not on a roll. This allows the manufacturing of bigger bag with large tie handles.   Making securing your dogs waste and carrying to the next poo bin simple and hassle free.

“BAG IT AND BIN IT”.  This will help protect our environment and keep our dog walking areas clean and user friendly.

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How Many Boxes?

1 Box – Total of 500 Bags, 2 Boxes – Total of 1000 Bags, 4 Boxes – Total of 2000 Bags, 8 Boxes – Total 4000 Bags


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