Douple Track™ Coupler Dog Leash Adapter


The Ruffwear Double Track Coupler dog leash adapter allows easy, tangle-free walking of two dogs. Stretch webbing absorbs shock, providing comfort and the swiveling Crux Clip provides strong secure attachment.


Douple Track™ Coupler Dog Lead

Walking two dogs at a time is not easy, dogs walking and sniffing in different directions, tangled leads and confused pooches.  This is where the Ruffwear Double Track Coupler comes into action.  A simple yet clever dog leash adapter that allows easy, tangle-free walking of two dogs.

This shock absorbing coupler offers two must have functions in one for two dog walking. It splits your leash into two, one for each dog but also absorbs friction or jolting individually with the Wavelength™ stretch webbing.  This will create a more comfortable dog walking experience for both you and your dogs.

The Swiveling Crux Clip™ provides strong and secure attachment to both dogs. The coupler can also combine with most Ruffwear leashes for the ultimate multi-dog setup.

Features and Benefits

  • Adapt any leash to a two-dog walking system with the single-piece, anodized aluminium V-ring
  • Ruffwear’s Wavelength™ webbing absorbs shock
  • Swiveling Crux Clip™ is strong, secure and provides one-handed attachment
  • Trail Tested Guarantee (see details)

Washing Instructions

  • Hand wash
  • Use Mild detergent
  • Air dry


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