Scot-Petshop Dog Poop Bags Value Deal – LIMITED STOCK


Grab a bargain with our value clearance dog poop bag deal. A whopping 1000 dog poo bags for just £18.00 or 2000 for £32.00 and 4000 for £56.00 with FREE DELIVERY.



Scot-Petshop Value Deal – LIMITED STOCK

Scot-Petshop Dog Poop Bag Value Deal.  We used a new factory for production and the thickness does not meet our usual high standards so we are selling off in bulk at a discounted price.  These bags are 13 micron in thickness so not out usual 15 micron.  Some bags may have problems with logo printing, some smaller than average size listed and thinner than usual handles.  Some packs may be short of 1 or 2 bags, some may have more.

A majority of the bags are absolutely fine so it is quite possible you will get a full box with no issues what so ever, we will check each pack for any obvious issue prior to dispatch.  The poo bags will be shipped in boxes of 1000 or more i.e if you order 4000 they may come in one big box of 4000 bags.

GRAB A BARGAIN LIMITED STOCK!  Grab a bargain with our value clearance dog poop bag value deal. A whopping 1000 dog poo bags for just £18.00 or 2000 for £32.00 and 4000 for £56.00 with FREE DELIVERY.  Non returnable and non refundable. 

Large Unscented Poop Bags – A must-have for all dog owners! 

Still A Large Size – 175 x 240 x 360 mm / Approx 13 micron thickness (slightly thinner than normal but thicker than many bags on the market)

Be kind to the environment and use our poop scoop bags to clear up your dogs mess. These large quality Vest Type Poop Scoop bags with easy to tie handles are just what both you and your dog need.  Carefully wrapped in packs of 100’s and sensibly packaged for ease of use.

Our Bags Use The Latest Exo Bio-renewable Technology . Sustainable Bio Plastic, RECYCLABLE

• Environmentally Friendly Bags
• Still Strong bags – 13 micron in thickness
• Still Large – (can deal with any size doggie delight)

Why Use Scot-Petshop Dog Poop Bags To Pick Up Your Dog Waste.  We should all consider the environment when it comes to the use of non degradable plastic bags. On average a dog owner will use 3 to 5 poop bags per day which is approx 1825 non degradable plastic poop bags per year, per dog and how many dogs are in just Britain alone. That is why we must make the change.

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1000, 2000, 4000


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