Core Cooler Dog Cooling Chest Panel


The Core Cooler™ dog cooling chest panel is an add-on to packs and harnesses that uses evaporative cooling to cool dogs. The three-layer chest panel adds support when lifting and assisting. It pulls heat from dog’s core.



Core Cooler Dog Cooling Chest Panel

The Ruffwear Core Cooler™ dog cooling chest panel is an add-on to Ruffwear packs and harnesses that that uses natural evaporative cooling to keep dogs cool. The dog cooling chest panel cools dogs, adds additional support when lifting and assisting, and further stabilises packs and harnesses. This three-layer chest panel uses evaporative cooling to efficiently pull heat from the dog’s core during warm temperatures and high intensity activities. To activate, wet the Core Cooler with water and wring out. The Core Cooler easily attaches to Ruffwear harnesses and packs using hook-and-loop sleeves:

  • Web Master™ Harness
  • Web Master Pro™ Harness
  • Approach Pack™
  • Palisades Pack™
  • Singletrak Pack™

Features and Benefits

  • Three-layer construction:
    • Wicking outer layer reflects heat and facilitates evaporation
    • Absorbent middle layer stores water for evaporation
    • Comfortable inner layer transfers cooling effect to the dog
  • Provides load dispersion and stability
  • Hook-and-loop sleeves for easy on and off


Washing Instructions

  • Secure fasteners
  • Hand wash
  • Use Mild detergent
  • Air dry

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