Dog Car Harness Protect Padded Dog Comfort (END OF LINE STOCK)


Dog Protect Padded Car Safety Harness by Trixie – Keep Your Dog Safe And Secure Whilst Travelling.  Enhanced strength and quality.


Car Harness Dog Comfort

Dog Protect Padded Safety Harness – Keep Your Dog Safe And Secure Whilst Travelling. This Trixie dog car harness is the ultimate in strength, quality and comfort for your dog available in 4 sizes from small to large. These car harnesses can be used in any make or model of car and can also be used as a leading/dog walking harness.

• made of robust, soft nylon and tape leash
• extra sturdy dog car harness
• can also be used for a daily walk
• reflective
• short leash allows attachment at chest level
• comfortable to wear due to extra padding at neck, chest and belly
• welded metal rings and metal slider
• dog car harness with strain relief
• fast and easy to put on
• universal fixing loop suitable for all car types

Important: Prevents the pet from moving around in the vehicle. For comprehensive accident protection use a certified car safety harness. Ideally your dog should travel on the rear bench seat.

Dog Car Harness Product Information

Size: S-M
Measurements: 40-55 cm/20 mm
for e.g.: West Highland Terrier

Size: M
Measurements: 50-65 cm/20 mm
for e.g.: Border Collie

Size: L
Measurements: 65-80 cm/25 mm
for e.g.: Golden Retriever

Size: XL
Measurements: 80-100 cm/25 mm
for e.g.: Rottweiler

Our guide to the importance of using a car harness whilst travelling with your beloved pooch.   Many people don’t realise that by not buckling up their canine companion whilst travelling in the car that they are not only putting their pet’s safety at risk, but also their own safety, along with other passengers in the car.

Additional information

Harness Size

S-M: 40-55 cm/20 mm, M: 50-65 cm/20 mm, L: 65-80 cm/25 mm, XL: 80-100 cm/25 mm


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