Bike Carrier For Small Dogs


Bike carrier for small dogs, allow your small dog to enjoy the bike rides safely and in comfort


Bike Carrier For Small Dogs – Maximum Weight 6kg

This box is suitable for small dogs, cats and other small pets weighing up to 6 kg. It is ideal for the pet’s transport while making cycle tours.

Size: Length 38 cm x Width 25 cm x Height 25 cm

Product Features

reflecting stripes
with reinforced frame ensures more stability
with padded rim
integrated short lead prevents the pet from jumping out
padded bottom plate, removable
made of hardwearing nylon
pocket for treats, keys etc.
including bottle carrier
due to handles convertible into a transport bag
colour: black / grey / red
(without decoration, dog etc)

Assembly instructions

Fixing: Insert the included frame on the bottom of Front Box and fasten it to the headset bearing. Put the nylon straps over the handle bar and wrap around once. Now lock the snap fits and tighten the straps. The Front-Box does not have to slip, so that your pet can be safely carried.

Tip: Outdoor activities are very important for dogs. Jogging, bicycling or the classical walk – your dog will enjoy it!

Important: Please use a safety harness in combination with the Front-Box!



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