Agility Dogwalk Glazed Pine For Dogs Up To 80kg


With this new Agility Dogwalk addition to our agility range for dogs, we now have every obstacle to build your very own fun agility dog training course.

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Agility Dogwalk

With the dog agility dogwalk added to our agility range for dogs, we now have every obstacle to build your very own dog show agility training course. Made using glazed pinewood with a non-slip rubber coating for a good grip and colour marked contact zones this is the ultimate agility dog walk.

glazed pine
for an eventful fitness programme
with contact zones marked by colour
non-slip rubber coating for a secure grip
incl. booklet with tips and tricks for optimal training

Dog walk Information

Agility Dogwalk
Measurements: 456 × 64 × 30 cm
up to: 80 kg

General Instructions

1. Before you start, your dog should always warm up (a bit of running or some easy tasks).
2. Never train a dog on a full stomach or feed directly after the training. However, small treats are allowed as a reward.
3. Raise the level of difficulty only slowly to avoid demanding too much of your dog.
4. Adapt the sport to your dog and keeping in mind breed, age, talent and size of your dog.
5. Include ample breaks during the training so as not to overstrain your dog and to keep the training fun. Always provide a bowl with water and give your dog a short rest after drinking.
6. Keep in mind that the training should always end on a positive note.
7. Only train puppies and adolescent dogs after consulting a vet in order to prevent possible damage to their health.

Pat and praise your dog during the training – this motivates and creates trust. The fitness training can start: The Agility Dogwalk is a contact obstacle. The dog has to learn to walk over a narrow plank touching the contact zones at the beginning and at the end. To start with, the training should be carried out with two persons. They walk alongside the dog on both sides of the plank with each step so that the dog cannot jump down or fall off. With timid dogs, start by placing the plank on the ground. Put your dog on a leash and lead him over the plank several times to get him used to the plank.

Build a complete agility course at your dog day care centre, dog agility and training school or in your garden at home.  Scot-Petshop stock all Trixie Agility obstacles to build a complete fun dog agility course.


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