Waist Belt with Dog Leash



Waist Belt with Leash

Thanks to the waist belt this lead is suitable for sporty people, as the hands-free system allows the dog owner to practice sports like jogging, walking or even fast promenading. The integrated expander softens sudden tugs, which happen when the dog heavily pulls on the lead. The ’Hands Free’ lead also includes a special hook with patented rotator, which prevents the lead from getting twisted and ensures a relaxed walking for dog and owner. ’Hands Free’ lead is fitted with 2 pockets for storing e.g. mobile, dog treats, drinking bottle etc. Reflective stripes offer additional safety for dog and owner while participating in road traffic or walking off-road.

• made of hard-wearing tape leash
• ideal for jogging, nordic walking etc.
• hands free due to elastic waist band
• special attachment hook with swivel joint prevents the leash from getting twisted
• sudden tugs by the dog are softened by the shock absorber and elastic waist band
• incl. two pockets for mobile phone, treats, drinking bottle etc.
• with reflective stripes
• padded cover for waist belt’s buckle at the back
• quick release due to buckle
• leash with hand loop, thus suitable for normal leashing

Properties and Sizing

Measurements: belt: 60-120 cm/40 mm leash: 1.00-1.35 m/25 mm
Colour: black


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