Quite Simply Our Best Scot-Petshop Dog Waste Bag Yet

Our customers love our Original Scot-Petshop large green dog waste bags.  They love the size, thickness, how tough and strong they are and the Exo Bio-renewable technology used in production.  We have been manufacturing these bags for over 10 years and we are privileged to have so many repeat customers coming back to us time and time again.  We thank you!  Many love our Premium dog poop bags too at 20 micron in thickness.  However some often found them a little too thick.  I suppose it is just personal preference. Everyone wants to be confident and happy in picking up after their dogs and that’s where we come in.

Instead of giving our Original Scot-Petshop bag a face lift (as we know many customers like them just the way they are).  We decided on a brand new Scot Petshop standard dog waste bag using Epi Oxo-biodegradable technology with a few new fresh ideas.  We have made the bag a darker green like our premium bags.  Increased the product dye content so they are more opaque.  We have introduced an easy hanging tab, this allows bundles of 100 bags to be hung on a simple hook which can be easily dispensed from.  Great for dog walkers, Dog Grooming Salon, Doggie Day Care Centres.  Ideal for hanging up in the home in a garage or utility area.  Finally our bags come in a simple cardboard box, bundles into neat piles of 100 bags without any excess packaging.

New Great Features:
Darker Green
High Dye Content – Less Transparent
Handy Hanging Tab
A Bit Bigger Than Our Original bags
No Excess Packaging
Recyclable Card Box

We love them, please give our New Scot-Petshop Dog Waste Bags a try.  We hope you and your four legged friend will love them too.

Dog Waste Bags Dark GreenDog Waste Bags Dark Green Tab Top