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I named our handsome boy Oscar when we adopted him into our family as a tiny cute little puppy dog three years ago.  We debated so long over a name and finally he became Oscar Winston, to be fair it was mainly my choice as only every adopting and rehoming elderly pets up until now this was my first opportunity to finally pick a name.  I am now always told by our household that I had choosen the most common name for the most common dog, he is a black Labrador but to me he is unique and different with an amazing unique personality.

I had great pleasure in telling them this week that Oscar was not even in the top ten of dog names for 2016.  I think Oscar Winston is the perfect name for my handsome boy, don’t you think?

Here are the top 10 most popular dog names for both girls and boys in 2016 according to live statistics of PETMD, the largest pet website.

Top 10 Female Dog Names and what they mean – Stella: Star, Bailey: Sweet little girl Bailey, Bella Bella: means beautiful in Italian and she sure is beautiful, Coco: A cute yummy chocolate dog, Sophie: Beautiful cute gorgeous basically pretty, 6: Katie Katie is funny and sweet and loving She makes my life so much more enjoyable I cant imagine my life without her,  Zoey: life, Molly: Nickname for Mary, Pandora: A box of surprises and last of all Lexi: A good friend that stands up for you and is daring and brave.

Top 10 Male Dog Names – Gus Trapper Finn Cooper Bailey Otto Boomer Hawkeye Wrigley and Ace

Oscar at Eilean Donan Castle

Oscar Winston Rennie Guarding His Castle

logovsmall WINTER IS JUST AROUND THE CORNER – November 2016

This week we have seen the first winter snow fall of 2016, a bit early and quite a surprise but I love cold frosty winters and I love walking in the snow.   sila-winter-dog-coat-by-trixie-redWe always make sure we wrap up nice and warm for our walks with thick padded jackets, hats, scarfs, gloves and wellie boots, well that’s me anyway but many of us do forget our dogs can feel the cold too especially puppies and older dogs, it is worth considering a warm padded or waterproof dog coat or dog boots which are often great in snowy or icy weather.  If you are planning a long trek or hill walk with your dog this winter we also have a wide range of trekking dog products from Ruffwear, Kurgo and Trixie you can check out.

Even on a fairly warm day it can be cold in the shade and the weather can change so quickly from sunshine, showers to snow…well for us in the north of Scotland that can happen most months of the year.  Another winter guarantee is shorter days, it is often dark when you wake up and dark when you get home from work so we are often walking our pooches by torch light.  We offer a wide variety of reflective dog coats and bandanas, flashing collars, dog tags and bands, check out our USB chargeable neck bands in pink, orange, yellow or green, a top seller for the year.

Now I know your cat will not wear a cat coat but if you hear the cat flap close and your feline friend is out on the tiles for the night, keep them safe and  make sure they are wearing a reflective cat collar.

Warm safe pets make happy pets. Happy pets make happy owners!


logovsmall NEW ECOHOUND POO BAG RANGE – October 2015

Ecohound collage

2015 has been an exciting year for us with the launch of our Ecohound Biodegradable dog waste bag range.  Please visit our shop to view our full range of eco friendly waste bags to suit all dogs big and small.

View our new Ecohound Range


logovsmall NEW BIODEGRADABLE POO BAGS ON A ROLL – October 2014

Poo Bags on a RollOur new Poo Bags Direct biodegradable dog poo bags on a roll are now available.  We at Scot Pet shop have listened to our customers and as per request we now have started a range of biodegradable poo bags on a roll.

After months in the making our planet friendly bags on a roll have finally arrived.  We are so happy with the final product, they are strong, large, unscented and biodegradable, everything our customers have requested.  We have also ensured that all our packaging is recyclable, the cardboard box and the roll cores.  No waste in our waste bags!

Our first pack contains 240 bags on 16 individual rolls of 15 bags, however in the future we are going to offer both bigger and smaller packs to give our valued customers more choice.

Please do try our new Poo Bags Direct bags  and let us know what you think.



Scot-Petshop want to help raise awareness by supporting The Dog Express ‘Hot Dog Campaign’

Do Not Leave Your Dog In A Hot CarIt takes minutes for a dog to overheat and they start to suffer instantly when they get too hot, so even a few minutes alone is too long.
Within seconds of being trapped in a hot car, a dog will start to panic and suffer – the mental , emotional and physical distress is almost instantaneous and so there is NO acceptable amount of time for a dog to be left! The effects of heat exhaustion are extreme and very dangerous
The Dog Express has 3 main aims with their ‘Hot Dog’ Campaign:-

1.To use the ‘Hot Dog’ Car Stickers as a deterrant to anyone considering leaving a dog in a hot car
2.To raise more awareness so that this does not keep happening every year
3.To raise money for the RSPCA &s to help fund their call-outs to dogs left in cars

The Dog Express wish to raise awareness with their ‘Hot Dog’ Bumper Stickers, to help raise awareness get your bumper stickers now at – Hot Dog Campaign.



We offer FREE postage and packing for standard delivery to UK Mainland. Upgrade Postage and Packing options are also available if you require your order a little quicker.

FREE UK Mainland Postage & Packing (2nd Class Royal Mail)
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*Orders are normally picked each morning at 09:00am so orders made after 09:00am will be processed the following day. You can call us on 01506 444868 to ask for your order to be processed quicker and we will do so if possible.


logovsmall PooBagsDirect Poop Bags On A Roll – May 2014

Petshop EXO Biodegradable waste bags but many have asked “can we do this bag on a roll to fit a standard poo bag dispenser” so we have, as asked but the ball in motion.  To get it right we have been months completing our market research, designing boxes and bags then many discussions with our chosen and very patient factory making sure we are getting the best quality strong large bags, fragrance free and the right colour and thickness to make the unpleasant job of picking up your dogs poop less of a chore.

The manufacturing has now begun and we are so excited to finally see the end product of our hard work.  We are due to launch our new bags on Scot-Petshop and our sister site by August 2014.  We are also looking to supply your local independent pet shops across the UK so you will be able to pick up our bags whilst out doing your weekly shop or picking up pet food.

Once you have tested our bags, if you have any feedback on improvements we can make, let us know.  We know how important it is to listen to our customers and we want our poop bags to be the best on the market.


Scot-Pet Shop Paw Logo Reflective Coats & Vests To Help Keep Your Dog Safe – December 2013

Ruffwear Track Jacket Keep Your Dog Seen In The DarkIf you are like me our pooch is walked mornings and evenings which is fine in the summer months but in the winter both walks are in the dusk or dark, what does not help us either is that our dog is black (with freaky white eyes).  There are many ways to help keep your dog safe during the winter, hi-vis and neon dog coats, reflective dog vests or harnesses and flashing collar tags.

Hi-Vis dog vests are one of the most effective safety accessories around for walking near high volumes of traffic or walking along country roads.  These vest will give you and your dog visibility and confidence in the dark without breaking the  bank.

Whilst kitting your dog out it is also worth thinking about the kids as they are leaving for school in the dark or if you go running at night with our without your dog, we sell flashing tags and flashing bands that you can attach to school bags or around your arm.

Check out all our winter safety products – Keep Safe This Winter


Scot-Pet Shop Paw Logo New Premium Dog Poop Bags Now Available – October 2013

Doggy Dirt Bags PremiumOur dog poop bags are already thick and strong and capable of picking up the biggest of poops, however we have now launched our Premium bag, at 20 micron in thickness it has made picking up those poops an even easier job.  We have focused highly on the biodegradability of our product as the environment and plastic in landfill is a huge concern for us.  Our new poo bags are made using the new Exo Biodegradable technology which means that the bags will degrade into small pieces the safely biodegrade into soil.  Our bags meet ISO14855 biodegradability standards and are made from over 20% sea shells which is a renewable materials this also means over 20% less plastic as been used in the manufacturing of our bags.

One used and disposed of the organic LLD enables an advanced biodegradability rate to be achieved in our dog waste bags.  Unlike Oxo technology were the plastic is treated with additives the shelf life of our Exo bags is unaffected so no premature degradation whilst in storage.  Bags made with Exo technology are also recyclable making these bags an ideal solution

The wider adoption of EXO-LLD has the potential for large CO2 savings, we are a nation that uses and disposes of million of bags every year, lets be sensible and each do our bit for the environment, collectively we can make a difference.

We are hoping to extend the Exo technology over our range of Scot-Petshop bags over the next few months making all our bags even better and eco-friendly.


Scot-Pet Shop Paw Logo Julius K-9 Power Harness – July 2013

We have just launched the Julius K-9 Harness a Scot-Petshop, we have every colour and every size along with some great velcro stickers that can be attached to your dogs harness with slogans like Gangster and Girl Power. There are also velcro flashing strips that can be attached helping to keep both you and your dog visable at night.

Find out more about what we have to say about this product on our Pet-Advise Page.

Running dog in field wearing Julius K9 power harness   Dog in river wearing medium Julius Power Harness


Scot-Pet Shop Paw Logo Winter Health and Safety for Pets – Winter 2012

Our pets more than likely dislike winter as much as us humans do. The long, dark winter nights and the extreme weather can be dangerous for them as well as being an inconvenience. We need to ensure that, wherever possible that they are visible when out and about and make sure that they’re protected from the elements with extra layers to compliment their fur, or bootees to protect from frostbite.

We have written a short guide in our shop to assist you in looking after your pets during the cold winter months.


Scot-Pet Shop Paw Logo Free Postage At Scot-Petshop Ltd – Winter 2012

At Scot-Petshop we are now offering FREE POSTAGE on all orders. We want to make shopping on our site simple so by offering free postage the price you see is the price you pay, no hidden postage and VAT charges to be added on once you confim your order. We hope you enjoy shopping with us and hope you come back to us in the future.


Scot-Pet Shop Paw Logo Why Use A Dog Safety Harness? – Winter 2012

We should always be prepared for the unexpected when taking our dogs on a car journey, and that means that we should buckle them up, just the same as we would do ourselves and our children. It might not be the law in the UK to do so, and only 2% of dog owners in the UK currently use harnesses, but it could save lives. Every year many dogs and their owners are injured, or killed as a result of car accidents, when they are thrown forward unrestrained.

Safety Harnesses can:

Avoid the driver being distracted by the dog whilst driving.

Ensure your dog is safe from harm if he becomes distressed as a result of an accident and manages to escape the car. This could lead to your dog injuring himself more, or worse if the distress of the accident makes him escape the car and run into oncoming traffic.

Avoid injury or death to your dog, the driver and any passengers as the result of a collision if your unrestrained dog is thrown forward with the impact.

Scot-Petshop sells a wide variety of harnesses and restraints for travelling


Scot-Pet Shop Paw LogoInteractive Dog Toys – Autumn 2012

Gambling TowerScot-Petshop now has a wide range of interactive dog toys which will help keep your dog mentally stimulated. Some of these toys will also combine physical exercise with mental stimulation so you can cater for both their physical and mental needs.

Most dog behavioural experts believe that interactive dog toys are the key to combating behavioural problems. A big factor in this will be our modern lifestyles, which means that our pets spend a lot of time home alone, or don’t have much one-on-one time with their owners due to their busy lifestyles.

Check out our range of interactive toys which includes food dispensing toys, puzzles and strategy toys to Interactive Participation Toys, or read our article about the benefits of using interactive dog toys:


Scot-Pet Shop Paw Logo Our Poop Bags & Keeping Britain Tidy Bags It And Bin It!! – Autumn 2012

We are now selling over 1 million Scot-Petshop branded dog poop bags a month over 3 web based sites, our own Website, eBay and Amazon with amazing feedback and reviews from our customers.

The success of our bags has been down to the large size, quality and our very competitive pricing which has been made possible by you the customer purchasing our bags allowing us to bulk buy and negotiate better pricing for the factories.

We do however have concerns with the way in which dog poop bags are being disposed of which we have read recently in various news reports and articles some featuring poop bags hanging from trees on littering our beaches and countryside. Luckily none of these reports have featured Scot-Petshop dog poop bags however we wanted to highlight to everyone the importance of disposing of your dog waste in a safe and environmentally friendly manner.

The great thing is you are cleaning up after your dog by using poop bags, now all you have to do is bin it!! Approximately 80% of councils now provide bins specifically for dog poo but if not it can be placed in any normal street bin or just take it home and dispose of with your general waste. Remember even compostable bags can take time to completely biodegrade so please do not litter our beaches and countryside and endanger our wildlife, Please Bag It Bin It….lets keep Britian tidy together.


Scot-Pet Shop Paw Logo Scot-Petshop Biodegradable & Compostable Poop Bags – Summer 2012

The success of our Oxo Biodegradable dog poop bags we have decided to launch our own range of biodegradable and compostable dog waste bags. Now available at Scot-petshop.

Our new Biodegradable bags are made of a 100% compostable bio-plastic material based on starch and vegetable oils.

Our Doggy Dirt Bags also meet the most stringent and prestigious A+ certificate for compostable bags EN13432. They will biodegarde within 45 days in compostable conditons and meet the strict standards of the World Health Organisation.



Scot-Pet Shop Paw Logo Offers From Scot-Petshop

Car Boot Cover & Car Seat Cover Offers (NOW ENDED BUT BACK SOON)

The sun is once again attempting to shine, it is feeling a liltle bit warmer but unfortunately it is still raining, well at least once or twice a week anyway. More importantly as the weather improves we can start to enjoy longer walks with our dogs in the park, by the river on the beach or in the hills and surrounding countryside.

With this in mind we have put together this fantastic offer. Car Boot and Car Seat Covers to help keep your car clean whilst travelling with your dogs with a selection of free drinking and feeding bowls to help keep your dog hydrated and hunger free at the end of a long walk. Just click on the links below to view these fantastic offers.


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